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Business Interruptions Claims affected by Supply Chain Challenges

Posted Aug 10th, 2022

Business owners should be aware of the business interruption coverage timeline following a loss: An important factor is the current global supply chain and its continued challenges to keep up with increased consumer demand.

In the case of a loss, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years, causing your business interruption policy’s indemnity period to be put to the test.

Well, how long does BI Coverage last?

Business interruption claims stop when the earliest of one of the following happens:

       » The property is repaired (in the case of Gross Earnings coverage) or the profit levels are back to normal                 (in the case of Profits coverage);
       » The indemnity period is over (typically 12 months); or
       » The coverage limit is reached

Whichever comes first – the insurance claim will end.

Certainly, the first outcome is most ideal. We want to help our insureds avoid situations where the claim is over because either time ran on the indemnity period out or the coverage limit turned out to not be adequate.

The standard indemnity period for business interruption losses are 12 months.

In this uncertain climate of supply chain and labour shortages, businesses should review their business interruption coverage and consider extending that period in cases where it may be a more difficult to get back up and running (i.e. supply chain challenges and labour shortages).

Indemnity periods can often be extended to 18 or 24 months, but keep in mind that you’ll also want to increase your limit to account for the longer claim time.

What’s the next step? Talk to your insurance broker about your indemnity periods and what makes sense for your business’s unique situation.